My Tribe

My Tribe 1.0

Create your own island tribe paradise


  • Great graphics and sound
  • The action continues when you log off


  • Not as many islands as developers claim
  • Requires more threats and challenges

Very good

My Tribe is a beautifully-presented, cartoon-style strategy game where you struggle to build your own tribe on a desert island.

The background to My Tribe is that you've been shipwrecked and you start of with a small tribe of people with which you aim to build your civilization. Under your guidance, the tribe can uncover mysterious secrets, research new technologies, and build buildings and constructions that will help the tribe thrive and grow. My Tribe never stops either - even when you've logged off, your tribe keeps building and struggling so you've got to give it constant attention, a bit like a Tamagotchi.

This is what really grips the imagination and holds your interest with My Tribe. The number of other islands you can live on also adds interest but while the developers claim there are "literally thousands", the truth is that there are nowhere near this amount and which one you get is arbitrarily assigned to you by the game when you start.

The main threats you face are the problem of food gatherers dying from old age, harvesting trees that should be used for firewood and the subsequent threat of starvation. The developer could have added a few more menacing threats than this but it's still an involving game that provides many balancing acts.

My Tribe is an addictive and beautifully designed Sim City-style strategy game that will have you going back for more.

My Tribe


My Tribe 1.0

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